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PO Box 100
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+44 (0)1483 282666

NB Management is both artists' agency and orchestra contractor, and through our network, we supply practically everything for concert management, opera, recordings, corporate entertainment, etc.. We hire the orchestra, liaise with production teams, and together we offer powerful resources –
a turn-key operation and a recipe for success.

Classical musicians who care about every project — strings, flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, tubas, percussion, harpists — anything from string quartet to full symphony orchestra; ukulele, bagpiper, even the occasional glass armonica.


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  11. Unless otherwise stated, there is no security presence at any NB Management event. Clients and musicians are strongly advised to keep all valuables about their person at all times as they alone are responsible for the security of their instruments and personal belongings. NB Management will accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss, theft, or damage however caused to any musical instrument, accessory, technical equipment or any other property brought to rehearsal or concert or recording venues.

  12. Force Majeure. NB Management will not take responsibility for any event which is outside its reasonable control.

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