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PO Box 100
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+44 (0)1483 282666

NB Management is both artists' agency and orchestra contractor, and through our network, we supply practically everything for concert management, opera, recordings, corporate entertainment, etc.. We hire the orchestra, liaise with production teams, and together we offer powerful resources –
a turn-key operation and a recipe for success.

Classical musicians who care about every project — strings, flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, horns, trumpets, trombones, tubas, percussion, harpists — anything from string quartet to full symphony orchestra; ukulele, bagpiper, even the occasional glass armonica.



NB Management offers orchestra contracting and associated orchestral services. Our reliable contact list includes some of the world's most talented performers, and we tailor the mix to complement each client's unique ethos and event. We can also help with soloists and conductors.

Over twenty years, NB Management has produced some amazing events in London and around Europe, for all categories of client.


Proprietor Nick Bomford is a seasoned executive with years of experience in the music business, working on live performances and recordings with some of the best classical musicians in London.

A small enterprise with a personal touch, NB Management operates in all venues, from village churches to the Barbican, including ExCel London. Using modern instruments at A=440, we've travelled Europe performing concerts and opera in France and Switzerland. Charges are based on the number of musicians required, three-star hotels and competitive air travel.